Are You Ready to Say "I Do"?

Are You Ready to Say "I Do"?

In "What To Do Before, I DO" Hiawatha Hemphill tackles these hard issues with spiritual and practical strategies and solutions.

This book is a call to those who are pursuing marriage, longing to get married again, or unhappily married. Whatever your relationship status, Hiawatha meticulously offers you scriptures, principles, and strategies to help you start the process of becoming a new and better you.

For those facing marital challenges, this book can be the spark that ignites the flame that will rekindle the fire in your marriage. For singles, Hiawatha inspires and challenges you to equip yourself to enjoy the marriage of your dreams.


This book is essential literature for a single person who is serious about preparing for their future marriage. It provides both spiritual and experiential insights that will be treasured by the reader. “What To Do Before,I Do”is a modern-day training manual that is now available for anyone who desires to be equipped well In advance for their future soulmate!

--  Pastor Clarence Grant

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